Flying piggies

Flying piggies - student project

Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I am available and am very excited love to work with you.

I have some questions about the brief, for now I will stick to the first part of the job:

1. Do you need me to do the back and the spine of the book as well, and if so, what should be on it, and how many pages the book will be?
2. Should I leave space for the logo of the publisher on the cover?
3. Can I credit myself as the illustrator on the cover?
4. Do you have a colour theme in mind, or do you want to see my suggestions?
5. Is there a certain established style that you would like me to maintain?
6. What kind of format would you need the final artwork to be in?
7. What kind of rights on the artwork do you require?

Please note that I do up to 5 rounds of revisions for free.
Thank you for your trust!


But after peeking around on others' projects I would add some more:

 1. Could you send me a raft of a contract?

2. Can you tell me why you decided to work with me, what exactly attracted in my style that you'd want me to incorporate?

3. Is there something you'd need me to avoid (et certain colours)?

4. Can I share my process and final work on social media, my website? Would you need me to sign an NDA?
5. Could you specify your understanding of modern, cute? Could you give me some keywords or picture reference (it can be my work or something else)?

6. Is the book going to in in portrait or landscape orientation? 
7. Will there be an e-book with my illustrations?
8. What file transfer system do you prefer?

Plus questions about the second part, particularly about fee, terms, due dates and amount of work.

OK, so the sketches: numero uno
Flying piggies - image 1 - student project

Numero dos:

Flying piggies - image 2 - student project

And as it turns out, Sally wants me only to have fun (lucky me!) and gives me absolute freedom, and here it is:

Flying piggies - image 3 - student project

Thanks Lisa!