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Flying Saucers Over Hollywood

Each player is a director in [possibly 50's] Hollywood trying to bring their vision [B Movie / s] to the silver screen on a shoe string budget.

Players have a limited budget and have to choose how to make the big time from their film/s. They need to strike a balance between awful actors, terrible special effects, fallen stars, dredful scripts, and deal with off screen antics that rival Charlie Sheen.

Influenced heavily by Peter Molyneux's 'The Movies', the Tim Burton film 'Ed Wood', and countless terrible films.

Production cards
* Leading Man / Lady                                             [Lance Mehboil, Tipsy Swine, etc]
* Villan / Monster / Hero / Sidekick                      [Doktor Katastrophe, Flash Norman]
* Script / Plot / Film title                                         [The Robotic Plague From Beyond The Universe]
* Special effect / Make up / Sweeping Score    [Hub caps on string, Rubber suit]
* Crew / Extras                                                        [Megalomanic cameraman, Grinning idiot, etc]

Random events / interupts or hinder cards:
* Writers stike                                                       [suspend production for a turn]
* Spiraling costs / Maniac accountant              [+1 cost to each card on film]
* Early release                                                      [film gets released as is]
* Scandle!                                                              [Loose star's bonuses, gain extra press attention]
* Interference for the studio                                [randomly change plot]

Players play a script card [with appropriately ludicrus title]. They have to fill and match the required roles, once completed [or forced by an interupt card] the film is released.

For example:

Curse: More Amphibian Than Man
[+0 rating from script, +1 rating for Leading Man, -1 for special effects, +1 for Monster]=2 Stars

The Robotic Plague From Beyond The Universe
[+1 rating from script, +1 rating for special effect, +1 for soundtrack, +1 title, +1 exceptional crew] = 5 stars

The Giant Lobster That Ate Toyko
[-1 from script, -1 from Leading Man] = -2 stars

The winning director is the first with X stars [maybe 10] to their name.

- - - - -

A bit of research revealed the game 'Revenge fo the B Movie', where you create the comical name of the film which is a bit of a shame, I'd thought that might be a nice little mini game using word words on the cards to generate the titles.

I also found 'Reels & Deals' but think this could be differnt enough.

* The picture is from a very silly 80's Kids TV show in the UK.


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