Sofía Torres

Senior Graphic Designer at Original Resorts



Flying Magic


Hi!!! I've chose two of my sketches and made a mix of them... I used a pencil and a black sharpie, now I'm going to collect some textures :)




Hi, my name is Sofía, and I'm a happy graphic designer living in Cancun, Mexico :)

I used to paint a lot before college, and now I really miss to draw and play with colors…so…here I am, having a little fun and learning how to mix the two worlds that I love the most.

I chose to draw a hummingbird…because I love how little and amazing it is at the same time!

I love when they are flying, they seem to be floating, but I also  enjoy the rare moments when they are quiet...I think it is like a magic moment... at the end of this class, I would love to print and frame my work, to remember that painting is magic too, that life goes sooo fast and that I should'nt be missing what I love...

Here are my sketches :)


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