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Hope Doe

Illustrator/ Painter



Flying Apple

Hello there.

My name is Hope Doe. 

I decided to take the class because I have been wanting to incorperate my pencil drawings into digital art. For this project, I decided to make an image of my motif, flying apple.  I drew several pages of small thumbnail sketches before I decided to pick this image here.  I have been obsessed with swallows as they are many who fly around my window. 

First, seeing that my image idea was a bit complicated,  I decided to seperate the inside of the apple, the bird, with the outside, the apple. 

I put in a lot of detail with my drawings because I really wanted to capture the softness of pencils in my work.  I combined the two images in did several layers upon layers of color and texture.  Because, I am still not used to this process, it took more time playing around with the image with the computer then the actual sketch itself.  As of now, I only did one version.  Hopefully sometime in the future, when I have time I will play around more with the colors and create different version of this.  

I learned a lot from this class, thank you so much for providing it. 


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