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Tetes D.

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Fly with Irish Airlines

Hello guys!

I got so excited for Brad class. So I chose this image for practice, because its simplicity. But also at the same time, it has some challenges as well. It's a cool medium size old bright color Irish air lines ad poster.

My workflow is started with creating outlines. The 30% transparent reference image did not work too well for me. So  I raised it to 70%. This way, I can see them better. 

I continued adding base color as Brad instructed. I created 2 artboards, one of them was for the original  picture to see the color. I kept looking back and forward to decide what color is the closest match for every part. I know I can use the swatches folder to save some of the basic color, but in my experience, that eye dropped tool only gave me one pixel color everytime I used it. Other words, it did not represent the whole or main  color (Sometimes lighter or darker). The picture resolution also will affect the eye dropped toll. 

I had a problem on the right arm. Somehow, gradient color is a bit tricky for me. It takes time to get the right angle and form. It's a matter of trial and error. I don't put any texture in it. Then here we go. This project takes two days on the making. Please let me know, what do you think? Thank you for reading.



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