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Fly The Nest

Here is my first collection! Yay!

10 months ago I moved out of my family home and into my own flat. It was so scary at first and I had a few bad nights where all I wanted to do was go home! But I absolutely love it now and it always feels like a holiday when I go home to visit!

So this is about my journey.

Here's my motifs


I drew flowers from my homes garden for the 'Home Comforts' pattern. The caged pattern, 'Flight', shows me leaving my home (the safety of the cage) and going into the big wide world. 'Commotion' is the chaos on the day, trying to get my flat ready, having mixed feelings about everything and 'Safe landing' shows me trying to settle down in my new home. Once I began to feel more at home and settled down, I started exploring my new town and seeing it's beauty, a 'new beginning' started blossoming! I could sit back and enjoy the little 'sweet nothings' around me.

And now the collection:




I would love to hear some feedback!

Thanks Everyone


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