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Fly LocAf ... - student project

"I need to get to Lagos today ... I am stuck in Bamako ... only way to find a ticket is to go to one travel agency in a particular hotel ... I have to pay in cash (local currency) .... and only way to be sure if flight will go or not is to go to airport ... I get no calls if flight is cancelled."

"She is in Luanda for missionary work ... she was informed that her brother in Douala is very ill and needs medication ... only flight she can find online is her flying all the way to Europe ... and then back to Douala ... taking her 2 days to reach her brother .... she is sure she has heard of a national carrier between the two cities ... but nobody seems to know where to buy the tickets."

"Cash, cash, cash .... sorry no credit card allowed for local flights ... call your HQ in DC ... HQ will call a partner agent ... partner agency will call a local travel agent ... Local travel agent will send a runner to buy ticket in cash ... ticket is scanned and then faxed to partner agency ... faxed to HQ ... faxed to you ... WAIT! wrong flight and country ....!!!"

The above are real life stories that occured to me and friends who spend much time working in Africa. Africa is booming!... according to most new media. The continent is full of NGOs, Businesses, Intl Agencies, returning Diaspora, Expats, etc. They all need to travel to, from and within the continent. While travel between African cities and European/American cities are available (even online) via major international airlines; finding flights intra-Africa and between cities in African countries is a feat worth writing novels about. Rarely availble online, these flights can usually only be bought at niche travel agencies, in person, with cash only.

The aim of "Fly LocAF" is to create an online platform that consolidates, disseminates and facilates  information about and sale of tickets for all flights to, from, and within Africa. Africa might be the second largest continent in the world but "Fly LocAF" intends to make the continent local by making the connect between African cities simpler and easier.