Fly Guy and Bad Gnome | Skillshare Projects

Chris Seney

Artist/Graphic Designer



Fly Guy and Bad Gnome

Not sure why but the other day on lunch I sketched this gnome in my field notes. I guess because the other day I was wearing a beanie high on my head and they were like you look like a gnome. Then this class came up and I was like, why not make it a sticker. I traced my sketch, cleaned up the lines just a bit and then transferred it on to some normal paper. I sometimes use Adobe Capture to grab an image and vector it but it was rough so I lived traced this one. Then I touched up a few things with the blob brush but I wanted to make sure it had a hand drawn appeal to it. Sorry if it's offensive. 




If I was actually going to get these made, I would fill the gap in between in his legs to create a more structured shape for a sticker. 


And lastly I found a pic of an Obey sticker on a traffic signal. So I slapped my sticker next to it! 


Here is another one I decided to do! FLY MAN! 




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