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Recently I've been branching out via Skillshare classes and experimenting with design formats I have never used. This was my first foray into calligraphy.

I have learned two good lessons in this class:

1) Calligraphy and I are not well suited. The precision needed for it and the shakiness of my hands are not a good blend. 

2) I absolutely LOVE the pilot parallel pen and it's possibilities. Thank you so much, Alice, for introducing me to this versatile tool.

That said, I am not including pictures of my messiness, just the final tat I worked out. Part of the roughness of the lines is bleed but most is because my hands twitch when I try to draw a precise line.

I knew I wanted a butterfly. I have a "butterfly garden" of tats down my right thigh and I wanted to add another. 

Here's one of the early drafts.


Here's the final for me to take to my tattoo artist.


And here's the placement on my leg.


This was such a good class even if I've learned calligraphy won't be one of my regular pasttimes.

Thanks again, Alice.


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