Fluresh Granola Label

Fluresh Granola Label - student project

Fluresh Granola Label - image 1 - student project

I am going to design a label for a line of natural foods.  To start with a I'm going to put some labels on containers of different raw granola's my wife makes.  Nothing compares to this stuff so the label needs to do it justice to help introduce the project to the soon to be lifelong customer.  

When thinking of a concept I discovered two things in the current marketplace for these types of products.  On one hand people designers have translated the 'natural vibe' into hand drawn text . On the other hand I see super clean and sleek design.  Seperate these two takes seem contrived and cold respectively.  I want to smash the two together and create a label that feels precise and loose at the same time. 

Fluresh Granola Label - image 2 - student project

Fluresh Granola Label - image 3 - student project