Fluke's Influence Map

I don't have influence from TV shows much.
Mostly books ...a lot of old books from school library/city library.

(1)(3) I like fairy tales/mytology's illustration, there are some factors in it which i don't know the word to describe, kind of charming, fascinating but mysterious...

(2) I first read Harry Potter when Harry Potters and Sorcerer stone was in cinema.
I used to think that J.K. Rowling is also an illustrator...and later found out that the illustrator is Mary Granpre. Silly me.

(4)I like Norman Rockwell's work. The paintings that people made funny face or hilarious acting. It made me wonder of how people living in that times (as i was born in 90s)

(5) I like some retro stuffs . The school library/city library store a lot of these old books. (and the papers are yellow not white!) 

(6) I like Adachi Misuru work, Character design and story are very simple. It reflects Japanese culture at that time very well.

(7) Disney's Hercules is the first disney's animation that i had watched and still my favourite. I like the curve of character and its mythology looks. I didn't watch tv or movie much when i was young. Mostly outdoor or library(when my parent need to make me sit still)

(8) Sara Ogilvie wizard of oz books, I like her version a lot. Funny that i only looked at her illustration without reading the book at all. 



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