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Sue Hole

Graphic Designer and Artist



Fluid painting project by Sue H


Hello! my name is Sue,

I have always enjoyed painting in Watercolour although I have never really followed any proper Watercolour technique up until now. I think that I have a tendancy to get too hung up on detail and overwork my watercolour paintings. They often then lost their vibrancy and looked dull, so I felt this course would help me loads - which it certainly has!

I also felt I was taking the long way round to get detail marked down which in fact different techniques would save me time and act as shortcuts as such.

I mostly paint landscapes but the course has helped me enjoy painting still life again.
The techniques have also helped me a lot in my landscape work.

Starting off below are my Watercolour examples, using Cling film, Salt and lifting out to create effects:


I especially enjoyed painting the apple so then went on to find different fruit to paint. I found their colours and textures interesting and used different paint techniques to capture these. I painted a Papaya, a Kiwi and some Cherries as in the header picture at the top of the page.

The following landscape painting was an attempt at a more finished piece, I did intend to include a rusty old tractor in the scene on the right but chickened out, so I hope to have a practice of painting one before I decide whether to paint the same scene again or something similar with one in.

I felt that the lessons have helped me paint more loosely, certainly on areas such as the mountains.


You can watch me create the above landscape from start to finish in the following video on YouTube:

It is a time lapse video of my painting speeded up to 4 min 46 sec.

I enjoyed painting this piece, I think it has helped loosen up my style, to be more expressive and not overwork the detail too much.

Maybe there is some degree of detailing there still but I do like a small degree of that.
Although I do aim to get even more fluid in style and see where it takes me.

I enjoyed going over colour theory and feel more confident about colours and mixing paints.
I found techniques such for painting the sky and clouds useful and use this a lot in my watercolour work now.

Here is another piece that I have created, which I think this time is certainly more fluid in style than in my previous painting:


You can also see the above piece as a time lapse video:

This is shortened to 1 min 46 sec

I hope to work on some more pieces again soon.
I have really enjoyed going over the basics of Watercolour and learning how to be more fluid in style. It has also given me confidence to paint without using a pencil which I found scary at first, but it really helps to be more free in style. The tips have been really useful and I shall continue to use these in my work.

Thanks for viewing and reading my project work!



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