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Bronlynn Thurman

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Fluff & Fur

Hey everyone! I'll begin this project by linking to my inspiration page on Pinterest. I've also provided a screenshot of the top few pins below.

After looking over my Pinterest I decided to start sketching. I had an initial idea in mind, but I wanted to keep my head open for other ideas. Below are a few of the sketches that I created. I tend to use either my Wacom Intous Pro or the smaller Wacom Intous tablet for all of my illustration work.

I switched to paper and marker for a while to see if I came up with anything new. I settled on the image below. I don't get a chance to do furry people very often so I was a bit excited to try this out.

After scanning my sketch into my computer, I threw it directly into Illustrator and began tracing over it. Below is what I ended up with. I decided not to do their hair in Illustrator. Thinking back now it would've been a lot easier to separate his arm from his chest as I did the woman. It was hard trying to separate the two once I got into Photoshop.

When I threw the image into Photoshop, I began playing around with the brushes adding shadows, highlights, defining the hoodie, adding the hair and face. I wanted to keep it looking a little choppy. It almost has a paper doll look to it which I think is pretty cool.

Let me know what you guys think.


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