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Flowy River

xxxtree (story one)

During my college years I had some pretty punk friends. One night (3 days prior to x-mas) my friends went out to celebrate the holidays in an alternative fashion. Crying kids, pissed off carolers, and derranged reindeers all for the sake of presence over presents chrismas 2000.

Neon Nazi (story 2)

I use to work at a coffee house and everyday this woman would come into harrass, threaten, and disturb us. We ended up calling her Neon Nazi because her light was so bright shealmost blew up the night.

Flowy River (story 3)

This story is about spirit and a time in my life when I felt at the bottom of my rope and spirit showed me the way back home. 

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Flowy River

While living in Maui, Hawaii I was living in a tent as part of WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms). I lived on the side of a cliff over looking the beautiful ocean. On the back part of the land was a 200 foot water fall the only way to get to the pool at the bottom of the falls was to hike down a step cliff (some parts with rope) to get to the shore where the river connected to the ocean. Once you arrived there you could hike back to find the bottom of the water fall. I spent many days down by the shore but never ventured back throught the jungle to follow the river. During this time in my life I was practicing buddism,  meditating and living the life as a nomad. I was very obsessed with the symbol yin yang and found it daily in rocks, trees, and the sky. Everywhere I looked it presented itself to me. So one morning I woke up and my heart felt heavy, my eyes saddened and I really felt ready to transend (not suicidal but ready to merge back). I felt really hopeless. This day I felt a calling to journey down to the river and walk back to the waiting pool. So I gathered some flowers and food as an offering for the mouth of the river. I hiked down the steep facade of the cliff and reached the bottom where I made the offering and started my journey. Hawaii is very jungle like but has very few hazardous creatures. Most of my walk I did in the actual river since there was no trail. While feeling the sacred waters on my bare feet I started to sing a song called Flowy River. I made up the lyrics and tune and sang my appreciation song to the river stamping my walking stick along the rocks. At some points I was forced to walk along the river and make my own trail and noticing the yin yang rocks asking me to see the contrary forces tht are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. However, checking back in with myself I was still feeling heavy and unclear why I was even existing and really was yearning for a sign. Finally, I was twisting with the river and saw the pool up ahead. As I came around the curve of the river the sound over took my vibration and then I had full view of the pool. When I came into focus I noticed a goose sitting on a rock in front of the pool. The goose was right in front of me like it was guarding the pool. The goose started talking up a storm. I wondered what is the spirit trying to tell me. Then the goose turned its head and looked straight at me and my mouth dropped. The gooses face was a perfect yin yang and I what I mean is when the goose was standing sideways its face was white but when it turned the other half was black. I took this as a sign from the divine. I did not proceed to the pool but rather bowed and made my way back to the mouth of the river. Something had changed the heavyness in my heart the divine saw me at my low and provided magical experience to reawaken my lightness. After reading more about totem animals I read about goose medicine ,which is said to carry the energy of the journey of the great quest, to set a high goal and find the right ways to navigate towards it. It was said that goose comes to teach us how to navigate the greatest turbulence in our lives as well as how to make great headway when things are going well. Spirit brought me back home and helped me regain my footing to continue my journey in this world at this time and to that I bow in great appreciation.


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