So this project led me through a whole gamut of emotions! 

I started with the rose sketch: 


Then went on to the rose and leaf paint doodles:


So far, so good.

Then came the first vintage bouquet:


Ack! When I got to the point where I was making it worse on purpose, I put it away and didn't come back to the project for a couple days.

Then I sketched a quick plan for a vintage bouquet:


I thought that was pretty simple and I could add some leaves and berries and such after I got started.

The painting wasn't working the way I had planned, so I gave up on it.


Then I went on to the illustrative style and things got crazy.


I know there are mistakes and it's unbalanced, but I did have fun with this one. The part of the class that grabbed me most was the idea of using some doodle patterns to make it your own. 

I didn't practice the dropped florals because although they're beautiful, I didn't feel like that was a style I would stick to. I have no idea why. I'm an enigma. Hahahahah!

My takeaways: 

  • I need to maintain "beginner's mind"! Comparison is the thief of joy, etc.
  • Get new brushes for detail work. I don't think the ones I have are so bad, but I've been too rough with them. 
  • Learn how not to destroy brushes. 
  • Get bigger paper! Geez.
  • Loosen up and stop getting distracted by the whole, "Is this right?" mindset. 

Thank you for another great class, Amarilys! 


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