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Flowers in my neighborhood

Hi everyone,

Happy to be here to share my first pattern with you~ It took me three weeks to finish this! Unbelievable, right? But it really consumes lots of time for a beginner of Illlustrator and wacom tablet. During the production of this pattern, the coloring phase confused me most; I mean, I didn't know the meaning of "Path" at first and made my vector objects difficult to color. To find the solution, I had to go back very often to my drawings and redo some vector objects.  

Anyway, I have overcome those problems and finally made my first pattern!

The first thing I will show is my color palette. The palette is made up of the colors derived in a viberant livingroom photo. It is a photo I found from a website related to interior design, though I don't remember which exact website it is. For some reason, I lost the photo after I extracted the colors, but here is my color palette:


I think such vibrant colors should make a set of flower pattern liven up~

Second, my mood board~ Actually they are just some flowers that can be found near my house:

And then my sketches and scans:

I had difficulty drawing Statice, so I just took a picture of it and Live traced it. If someone know how to draw the Statice, please show me! I'd love to know how to do that~ :)

To get a variety of flowers on my canvas, I then went on to make reflected images and color them in another color~ That's how I did my first pattern~ ^^



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