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Shruti Bhagwat

Communication Designer



Flowers are not that easy to draw

I found this class very interesting. I tried to draw as many roses I could to start with pencil sketches. Later I did with water colors.. Couldnt make perfect ones but this is my first try.. 

I love the acrylic ink one. I am going to try that next time. I was also curious about using different materials for the same. I shall do that and upload here soon.

I have one question. could you talk about layout of the artwork. As I am struggling with the layout. I dont understand how to arrange these flowers. :(

these are my drawings.


This was my first one. and I added some quote to it for fun. 


This was the final one. 


Hoping to do many more. :) 


I made one more and I have hope to get better at it.. :D



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