Flowers and Doodles

I loved the freeing nature of this process. The ability to sit down in front of a white piece of paper and just paint a pot or vase without thinking excessively about color schemes, end result, sketching. Just painting and seeing what comes out.

First I did pots and flower doodles much like the lesson. I don't often outline things and when i do I will stress about getting the lines straight and steady. It was fun to see how the image changed with outlines, and then again with white details. I really liked the loose style of outline and the whimsical feel it gave the picture.



And then flowers in vases turned into little flower doodles.e88561cf


Which in turn became cacti in pots (because why not).



I really enjoyed this class. It added a little whimsy and looseness that I've always liked in other artists work i've seen. It was fun - thanks Peggy for another great class!


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