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Cathy Abbott

Childrenswear designer, London



Flowering Fields and the Cracks Between the Pavement

As it is Midsummer today, I have based this projects on the wild flowers that spring up in summer and the abundance of bugs and beasties that they support.

I grew up in London, but spent most of my childhood summers roaming the heaths, commons and parks that surrounded my gardenless home.  I was facinated by the abundance of nature on my doorstep, even in a very urban enviroment.  Dandilions, Daisies and Buttercups would spring up on any untamed patch of earth and a variety of long grass and tiny flowers would push their way up through the cracks in the pavements.  Concidered weeds by most people, they provided hours of entertainment to me and my playmates; making Daisy chains, blowing dandlion clocks and holding the Buttercups under each others chins.

Poppies and Bluebells were rarer and so even more exciting.  We weren't allowed to pick them but could enjoy their vibrant colours and beauty in their natural enviroment. 


My Grandmother was Swedish, so I was lucky enough to spend an occassional summer in the Swedish countryside outside of Stokholm.  These long hazy Summer days seemed to go on forever and the flaura and fauna seemed even more abundant and exciting. 

It is through my mother (and her Swedish mother) that I gained my love and appriciation for Scandinavian design and vintage textiles.  I love the bold, simple graphic style and the bright, uplifting colours of the the prints and patterns that I have included on my mood/inspiratiration board.



To gather some research and do some first hand sketching, I headed down to my local green space, Highbury Fields.  This is much smaller than the large parks and commons that I explored as a child (Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath and Richond Park) but I was impressed with the variety and abundance grasses and flowers.  There are also areas that have been planted up by the comunity to specifically attracted urban bees.

Developing the sketches


Finished Pattern


While merging my final block pattern, I lost some of the lines of my illustrations.  While happy with the overall result, if I had more time I would go back and add some of this detail back in.


I have added texture to this final image as I am imagining this print on a beautifully textured woven fabric on a vintage sundress.


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