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Flower petals in the wind

Here is my project! A simple GIF of a woman holding some flowers on a windy day. I used one of the texture templates to create the grain in the image. 




My inspiration was a GIF i found on pinterest  by an artist Samago. https://samago.tumblr.com/post/90420887029/annmakes-wind-pt-2-done-with-lots-and-lots


 and this GIF by Kyle Strope https://www.kylestrope.com/



Getting the hair to look flowy was a bit of a challenge. I used the after effects position  timer to make the petals and clouds move. I found it very easy to over look little mistakes in the flow of the animation. I kept going back to fix little hiccups in the GIF. 


I will defiantly keep practicing this technique. 


... I'm having trouble uploading my GIF's to the project. It looks like a normal picture even when I saved it as a GIF, not exactly sure why. I will correct it soon.


OK!!! I resolved the problem with my GIF! I was exporting this as a GIF but it wasn't moving. You need to use File Save  for Web to save an animated GIF. 

Boy was that frustrating lol.



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