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Kathryn Cole

Surface Designer + Hand Letterer



Flower Power

I am always inspired by flowers. I worked at a flower shop for many years and they are always a part of my life. I have fresh flowers on my desk or near it every week. I want to do a pattern inspired by flowers and vintage florals. 

Here are my sketches for my project. I focused on my favorite floral motifs that I like to draw.

Here's my progress so far. I'm working on filling up my pattern. 

Here's my progress so far. I wanted to share my process on this. I changed the background to black. I think I should work on the flow of it. I want your eye to travel around the pattern.

My pattern was not flowing well so I started over with the layout. 

And here is my final pattern. I wanted to go with colors I don't usually use to stretch myself. I wanted the piece to be full of the pattern although I usually like some empty space. 


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