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Flower Power Illustration

This was a great class! And you Ed were a hilarious teacher! 

I picked the Flower Power article for my illustration. My initial sketches were really bland, but I was trying to figure out how to potray flower = power.



I also thought that maybe i should alude to the fact that this idea was coming from Sweden so I was going to have the plant pot be in the colors of the flag.. but then i scratched that idea and decided to just focus on powering electronics. During my research for different electronic gadgets I cam across an image of a lightbulb with icons inside of it. I thought that would be a brilliant solution for my sad looking lightbulb. So I drew a bunch of electronic icons that are common such as iphone, game controller, lightbulb and computer etc. 


I wanted the colors to be happy and fun so I went with a blue - green - and yellow color scheme. In the end it looked a bit flat so i added texture to the sky and grass in illustrator and I think that helped the lighbulb and flower to pop out abit more from the background.

Here is the article with the image placed inside:



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