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Flower Power Daisy Picnic

FLOWER POWER DAISY PICNIC- 2 New Versions, Pink Plaid & Gray Plaid



Tuesday night...Just uploaded, very late but looks like it's in...Added the yellow centers to the flowers, think it looks better, what do you think Majo? Changes?

Testing at Spoonsflower, Which one Majo? I couldn't get the repeat tile off for the gingham background, still trying to learn it, but no time  so I did it in PS. The top layer is not in repeat yet. Which scale? This one, which is 253 dpi maybe in wavy stripes? Or the one below is 150 dpi.

Made my own gingham in Illustrator, thanks Majo for the lesson in the Q & A.. Not sure about the white lines, will they go away? Still want to work on a different layout.


Doing okay, so far with the flowers, but can't figure out how to get the gingham in repeat. It was done in PS and I brought it into illustrator. Not vectorized because it went strange when I tried. Flowers are vectorized. Anyone know? Old school methods please..Experimenting with vectorizing some sketches/black paintings.

I moved the black in the flower below and it separated from the white and then I put a dot pattern on the white. An interesting surprise. I like the black dots!

Inspiration - Fields of Flowers - daisies, poppies and sunflowers

Sketches coming next!


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