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Flower Power Child Inside Me


First of all- Shelley thank you for an amazing class, I had so much fun learning with you and completing the project!

It was first time for me using Illustrator but I have some experience with PS so it came handy with using the program's interface, shortcuts and so on...


I researched pinterest for some inspiration regarding colors I'll be using and type of character I would like to create. I knew that I would follow the steps about basic drawing built from shapes but wanted my character to have some specific features so I went on my search and came up with that:


I picked some photos with boho style girls, when I started looking I got inspired by hippie elements- long hair, tanned skin, flower headbands, shorts and lacey tops. I decided to include them somehow when working on the character.

I've found some quotes which were a starting point for text on my work and font which I thought would match the artwork I had in mind.

I picked a simple color palette and to be honest it was the most difficult part of the process for me- I liked the sample colors but I had problem with incorporating them into the creation- something to work on in the future :)


I followed the steps in the class starting from head, clothes and going into details. Instead of creating a pattern I decided to try to create a lacey top following the pattern method. I got stuck as the lacey parts wouldn't match seamlesly but than I figured I could just draw few extra circles on the top of the blouse to make the impression of more seamless pattern- I felt pretty clever here :)

I decided to place all text under the character and played with 2 fonts for some interest. For my background I picked simple rectangles and I added some dashed line contour around the smaller one. Here is the finished picture:


I also played on zazzle and came up with the phone case design


Thanks again for inspiration and so much knowledge Shelley, I'll be looking forward to learning more of Illustrator and to your next classes!



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