Flower Petal Mandalas

Flower Petal Mandalas - student project

Thanks again Chris for such a colorful inspiration! Color wheel mandalas part 1 made us explore the colors, and part 2 made us also explore the shapes of the dalas. I kept the first version, as well as the first variation, then changed up the second variation a bit, for better color contrast, for a total of 3 mandalas. 

Version 1, using primary yellow (cool), carmine red (warm) and turquoise blue (cool). Those were my favorite colors in Part 1 (mandala #4). The secondary and tertiary colors differ, as I apparently blended the colors in different proportions!

Flower Petal Mandalas - image 1 - student project

Variation 1, using cadmium yellow (warm), vermilion red (warm) and phthalo blue (cool). This combination is new as a wheel, compared to all 7 color versions in part 1. 

Flower Petal Mandalas - image 2 - student project

Second variation, using lemon yellow (cool), rose tyrian (cool) and ultramarine blue (warm), combination which I had not used previously either. 

Flower Petal Mandalas - image 3 - student project


Claude C

Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylics, Ink