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Flower Party Pattern

Hello , 
This have been a big project for me to take on. I mean I don't draw flowers and I've never used Illustrator to make an illustration before let alone make a pattern. I admit that I didn't expect this result not at all even my friends were surprised that I could make something like this. Also , I had loads of fun playing with it and with the colors.


Here is my process
Sketching : excuse the rough sketch.


 Digitizing : Started tracing the sketch with the blob tool , I started with plane gray scale colors with some green . Then, I colored it before I started arranging the pattern. after trial and error in arrangement I ended up with what you see on the left .


Color palate :  Let's just say I went a little crazy with colors and tried every palate I stumbled upon. I must say it is fun I wouldn't mind to play with the colors some more. 


The final result : Because I liked the outcome I used it for a calendar design and gift wrap paper as well .  



what do you think ? if you have any advice to help me improve please do share it. 


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