Flower Fro

Flower Fro - student project

FINALLY! I went back to the original sketch (see bottom A), and blew up the basic form. I wanted something that conveyed movement, and was big, like Marge Simpson hair! I also wanted more difinitive, recognizable flower shapes with a range of sizes. My client is also a dancer so she liked the addition of more of the figure (shoulder and face) as a reference point. Below is my final design. 

Flower Fro - image 1 - student project

Two more early designs, but they were missing movement! Too static. 

Flower Fro - image 2 - student project

Flower Fro - image 3 - student project

I took my two favorite sketches from below and enlarged them to about 10" in diameter. I used trace paper and a marker to iron out the details and get them just right. I must have drawn 50 different versions of the flower afro before finally getting two I was happy with. It proved to be a real challenge to create something that both was recognizable as an afro comprised of flowers while not being visually overwhelming.

Flower Fro - image 4 - student project

About This Project:

I am working on a label for a friend's company who designs fantastical floral things. Far beyond arrangements, she would like a rebrand that reflects this. I am trying to incorporate an afro she made out of flowers (pictured just below).

Flower Fro - image 5 - student project

After my friend communicated what she was interested in, I compiled this inspiration board for her to check out before I proceeded with sketches. I described my vision for her rebrand as somewhere in the middle of vintage gardening-meets Pam Grier/Diana Ross-meets psychedelic. 

Initial Sketches:

There are quite a few ideas I have been bouncing around. I wanted to feature her flower fro as the dominant visual component. I am still ironing out exactly how this is going to layout, but I know I want the final piece to convey movement and whimsy. The top two are my favorite so far.

Flower Fro - image 6 - student project

Flower Fro - image 7 - student project

Flower Fro - image 8 - student project

Flower Fro - image 9 - student project