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Flower Fancy

This is my inspiration board for my first repeat pattern. I ended up calling it Flower Fancy. I was thinking of what it must be like to be a bird flying on a beautiful summer day and everything they see. Flowers everywhere, light, pretty colors, a beautiful soft breeze of a day with whispy clouds. It made me want to create an atmosphere with birds flying in all directions and the beautiful flowers they pass as they glide by. I was enchanted with the shapes of these flowers and birds. Flower fancy is a combination of my imaginary plant drawings and these pretty flower shapes along with a vintage bird illustration I used for the shape of the bird with some slight modifications.


I wanted to try the two techniques of tracing your own drawing and working with a photograph first so I could get used to drawing with the Wacom tablet. I really love it! ( I still need a lot of practice - but it is so FUN!)


My sketches and illustrations. Some were from images I drew on paper. I took pictures of them with my phone and imported them to trace. For some of them I used the technique of drawing over an image.I was using a Wacom tablet for the first time. 


I used this photo to create my color palette. I love the earthy and feminine floral mix.


I used the change color tool to get these color ways. Some of them have much more contrast than the original color palette and they are my favorites! This class was wonderful! Thank you Bonnie for all the information you share! 


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