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Lisa Goss

Artist, musician, & website person



Flory Avenue Designs

At the moment I am focusing on creating custom jewelry for my brand, mostly a lot of earrings.  Here are a couple of examples of my current product photos:



I don't have a tent, but I have plenty of plain, white paper.  I try to take the pictures during the daytime with all the lights on in the room in order to get good exposure.  The originals of these product photos were still a little dark for my liking, so when I cropped them for my website, I also adjusted the brightness setting in the photo editing program.

Before taking this class I was thinking about some other ways to photograph these products anyway.  I mean, it's a nice clean look, but it's hard to tell how big the earrings actually are or how they hang.  But I wasn't sure how to tackle a new background for the photos.  The idea of using the product photos to reinforce the brand started to give me ideas for how I can re-photograph the earrings.


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