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FlorrieMarie: fine fibers and hand knitting patterns

I created an Avatar in Illustrator for the different websites that we have accounts with. Facebook, Twitter, Craftsy...etc etc. 

pared down mood board

 complete mood board on Pinterest  FloMa Mood Board

Not sure how else to show my mood board, so i added a link to the pinterest page.  I will cull the images and them make an illustrator version soon. Let me know what you think!

FlorrieMarie Creative Brief

1. Background

After meeting over their love of Harry Potter and all things wooly/crafty/cakey two creative types joined forces to give birth to FlorrieMarie, a knit design company working their way towards the goal of producing their own line of wool.

2. Objective

Establishing a well-known brand in a growing market of yarn producers/bloggers/hand knit designers. Standing out and being easily recognizable. Growing their client base and blog readership.

3. Target Audience

Stylish, fashion minded hand crafters with good sense of fun from ages 10-100.

4. Message

Come be part of the group. Eat some cake, wind some fabulous fibers and make something beautiful, original and fun. These aren’t your Granny’s knits.

5. Competition

Ysolda, Purl SoHo, Rosie Little Things, Quince & Co., Brooklyn Tweed

6. Distinguishing Characteristics

Local wools, some naturally dyed, along with creative and fun knitting patterns and carefully curated notions. Original kits for knits and other things.

7. Creative Considerations

nothing tweap (twee and/or cheap)

•a bit of vintage
•simple with a sense of fun

8. Tone and Key Words

Fuirky (fun and quirky)



A hand knitter's paradise.  Texture, color, simple design, quiet grace, gorgeous fibers, natural beauty, dreamy romance and the unfettered joy of creation. 




I really want to unify my brand across all channels. I'm out there, but I want everything to be easily identifiable and recognised.



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