Florida from a New Photographer's Lens

Just bought my first DSLR in December after experimenting with the one at my office for a few client related projects. Excited about the opportunity to grow my skills through this class. After watching a few classes, I went out and decided to start practicing with my camera at a small park near my house. 

Today, I took my camera to Magic Kingdom at Disney World and practiced some focusing on different parts of the scene.

I also worked to make sure my pictures were properly exposed as well. I thought this one came out well. If it wasn't for the crane attending to the castle, this would almost make a nice postcard!

And lastly, I worked on candid shots while adjusting my aperture throughout the day. This was one of my favorites:

Last weekend, I took a walking tour of my city of Tampa and snapped some really fun shots. It was a good opportunity to explore the downtown area of the city and also practice my photography. 


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