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Florence + The Machine



After an exceptional amount of indecision I've decided to make a poster for Florence And The Machine. To me, their music lends beauty and whimsey to sad or displeasing experiences. I identified with their music during a particualrly heartbroken portion of my college career and their music will always remind me of the blissful, relaxed feeling that follows grief and opens the door to future optimism. They also have a great story telling aspect to their songs, which is a thing I really admire from musicians.

Of course, a poster isn't based exclusively on one's own feelings on a subject, but that will be where a good portion of my inspiration is drawn from.

I'm sketching now, if you're interested I created an inspiration board on Pinterest.

I know I came into this class late but any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Part One - Concept & Thumbnails

Florence Welch listed some common themes in their music including "sex, death, love and voilence" and a common theme in several songs by F+TM is falling, from falling in love to falling to your death. So I made a few thumbnails of ideas that reflected that theme. I also wanted to involve nature, since the vibe of their music is usually fairly whimiscal, soulful and organic.


Pardon the sub-par cell phone images. These are super rough, so here's what they depict from left to right:

  1. A honey bee haven died and fallen from its hive. I once found a dead bee all alone on the roof of my car and always thought it was interesting how it just appeared to have died in midair and landed there.
  2. A dead fish floating to the surface in correspondence with a dead bird falling to the ground, representing two contrasting ways a creature can be propelled into death.
  3. Same concept as #2 but more condensed, kinda like a yin yang symbol.
  4. A bird falling from a bee hive. Perhaps the bees attacked it? I don't know, but it's probably my least favorite concept.


Part Two - Sketches


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