Florals! - student project

Hey Amarylis,

Your class has been so helpful for me! I am a mom of four littles, and I just discovered watercolor (as in, that it is something I really enjoy doing), but I really have no artistic background. I have always claimed to just draw stick figures and that I'm "not an artist." Somehow, it seems like a whole new world has been opened up to me in picking up a brush to paint. I love it. And I really want to get better at it! So I'm watching through as many of your videos as I can. Thanks for all you do to teach me! Any critical feedback is welcomed. (the first two photos were rough practices. the third one was meant to be a bouquet, but it became more like wildflowers....only not. I'm not really sure what its supposed to be. Its just what happened when I actually tried to something together without a reference for the first time. Do you have any suggestions? Direction for me? Thanks again!!!!

oh, one more thing. I never did practice sketching the rose. for some reason, pen/pencil is scarier to me than a brush. But I agree with you that I really should practice that in order to better learn the ins and outs of the flowers. So, any encouragement you have along those lines would be welcome also. ;)Florals! - image 1 - student projectFlorals! - image 2 - student projectFlorals! - image 3 - student project