Jeanette Jackson

Cake Artist, Illustrator




I was having the hardest time following on Photoshop. My laptop is a little old and I couldn't open all the image files at the same time. I am using Photoshop CC - 2018. I wanted to create something to impress my step-daughter so I could make her wedding invitations. It is really time consuming (if you don't know what you are doing) and any designer is worth their weight in gold. I will be doing more of this. When I have two pennies to spare, I will sign up for your class. Thanks Teela, your are a great instructor.61c4b61bd4c2f3270b4a88e74d970630

Here I grouped the images and duplicated the group and made this arrangement.3bfc41b9

Above, I played around with adding text. I was beside myself when I saw the finished product. Whoot!!!


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