Florals Practice

Florals Practice - student project

Florals Practice - image 1 - student project

I started by looking at pictures of random flowers and practicing their shapes. I did a pinterest search and painted the first few flowers that popped out to me.

Florals Practice - image 2 - student project

I then attempted a bouquet. It took me a few days to finish this one as it was my first time ever painting something like this. I noticed I was holding back with the use of color. I was very careful and afraid of making mistakes. And I feel that the fear came through in the painting. 

Florals Practice - image 3 - student project

So then on this one I dared to be bolder with the use of color. I just piled it on and I think it may have been a good decision to do that. I was very surprised with the result. I loved painting it and loved my color choices. I mixed a whole bunch of colors to get the ones I was happy with. It was a very rewarding experiment to let go of the fear of making a mistake. I have not yet attempted other styles such as illustrative or vintage. But I think that as I keep expanding my skill I may get motivated to do them. I also didn't have any gouache which I think is what gives those vintage flowers their awesome opaque look.


May 3, 2017


I am just stopping by to share my progress on this class. I attempted the vintage florals activity and here is what I got. 

I first created an inspiration/research board on Pinterest as I was not familiar with this style of painting. I was looking for visual information about the shapes and colors Amarilys mentioned in the class.

Florals Practice - image 4 - student project

I practiced with gouache paint and scanned my work.

Florals Practice - image 5 - student project

Florals Practice - image 6 - student project

I ended up playing around with the vintage flower shapes in Pixelmator and here is the little bouquet I created. 

Florals Practice - image 7 - student project

I have to admit that practicing the flowers felt very weird as this is a style I never even considered to practice. I ended up falling in love with the little bouquet. I was surprised to see how it turned out. I did change some of the original colors of the individual elements in Pixelmator because I realized I was using a very limited palette on my practice exercise and changing the colors would make for a more interesting piece. 


Apr 17 2018

I have not given up on florals. I am stopping by to share my floral practice this past few weeks. The illustrative style is a challenging one for me as the strokes need to be playful in my opinion for the flowers and leaves to look nice. I practiced a few peonies to see how they would turn out and here is my practice shots. I have to keep at it because I am not happy with where I currently am at in rendering flowers. Florals Practice - image 8 - student projectFlorals Practice - image 9 - student projectFlorals Practice - image 10 - student project

On this last one I went over my watercolor strokes with a micron pen and I liked how it turned out.