Florals Away


Second project completed here on Skillshare, and I'm loving it. Thank you so much, Amarilys, you're a great inspiration.

I've started this one by lining a few flowers based on the model we were given. I confess I couldn't stick to the rose thing, 'cause they're not my favourites... So I dared a little bit at the end.


Next, I resolved on making small paintings in order to get to work as soon as possible. Painting big things are often a challenge that put me off of starting a project, so, for now, this is it. The technique I liked the most was the one used on Vintage Florals, as I found it very original. Also, I don't think I did well while trying Dropped Florals, as my paper did not hold as much water as I thought it would...




Anyway, this is it! I've had great fun and feel like I've learned lots. I hope you guys enjoy this project as much as I did! 


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