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Floral styling and coffee table project

I'm so late with this assignment! Slap my wrist. It's been a busy work and family week.

Anyhow, I chose the coffee table(s) in my living room for this assignment. I love the versatility of this piece because it can be used as one table or can be taken apart and moved at will for parties and such. 

Through obsessive/compulsive editing, I ended up with four different vignettes. But first, I arranged a white hydrangea and some irises in a small Japanese teapot that a friend gave us for Christmas some years ago. I had honestly forgotten that we had it, and was thrilled when I found it in the china cabnet while looking for smaller vessels for floral arranging. In college I worked at a florist, so now that I'm a "grown up" I make arrangements for the house often. It was nice to get out of my usual routine of various sized clear glass vases for this assignment.

So, I settled on the last vignette to submit

Slightly crooked overhead shot:

More detailed:

Big picture 1 (I think I should have taken this from a lower angle, now that I've uploaded it here):

Big picture 2:

And, because I went so crazy with the camera, a couple of other detail shots from throughout...

I may have had a little too much fun with this! 

I had a difficult time adding "life" to the shot, mainly becuase a) my 2-year-old was napping upstairs and b) my first idea was to have a glass of wine with the bottle in the shot, since we do a lot of wine drinking in this room, but it was 1pm and I still had a deadline to make, so opening a bottle of wine didn't seem very prudent! So, I added a newspaper and some journals to the sofa to look as if someone had been reading there.



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