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Floral meadow notecard and stationary

Hello Shelley and All,

it was a few months ago when I discovered the world of surface pattern design. For me as a beginning designer this field offers a lot of fun, feeling of success and the belief that my work can come to life and I am not only creating pixels. This course is a very good example for this - I love that in the project assignment I created something real!

First I show you my sketches, you will see that I did not use all illustrations - maybe in another project.


The colour palette I used was created by OrigamiMei, I downloaded the colours from colourlovers.com. I love the contrast between the peachy orange and the mint which are accompanied by a variety of organic sand tones.


I illustrated all elements and coloured them.


This is the final floral pattern I created, I show you more colour variations.


When I think about where this pattern would make the best shape, I can imagine it best on notebooks. I love this black background!


And here is the Thank you card I designed.


Thank you Shelley for this inspiring course!



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