Floral illustration

Floral illustration - student project

The colors i picked are copic B00, B02 and B05. B05 is a little on the dark side but this way i was able to give the illustration a little bit more contrast. Be sure to test out the colors you pick beforehand. The colors on the caps are not always the same as they look on paper. 

Floral illustration - image 1 - student project

I tested: claire fontaine copy paper, strathmore marker paper, strathmore bristol paper and strathmore mixed media paper. I wanted to know how layers look on the paper and how smooth the blending looked.

Floral illustration - image 2 - student project

The clairefontaine layers good but the ink looks weird on the paper. There are spots. That's not what would help me have a smooth look. 
The marker paper doesn't seem to blend. It looks like the colors stay on top of each other. 
The bristol paper has a too light finish for me. The layers don't give a lot of difference. The blending looks a lot better than the first two papers.
The mixed media paper layers well and the blend is very smooth. That's why I will work with this paper in my project. 

Blending practise

Floral illustration - image 3 - student project

I practiced two different kinds of blending (flicking and circles) with two different kinds of markers (a brush tip and bullet tip). Flicking is my favorite technique but in most illustrations I combine both techniques. Be careful with colors that are far apart. A light color will eat away the darker color and give a weird look. Later on I practiced blending with three markers. 


Floral illustration - image 4 - student project

I took a walk around the neighborhood to find the flower and angle that I wanted. This flower is only 200 meters from my house. Usually I take a picture with my phone and work from there but I printed this one out so I could show you how to draw flowers. 

Finished illustration
It took me a good half hour to finish my illustration. Take your time experimenting with the techniques. I started with a base layer and outlining each petal. This way I can see the separate petals in a later stage. The second layer (still with the lightest colors) I put some ink in the places that I want darker. The third layer I used the midtone, coming in with the lighter color to make a smooth blend. Then I moved on to the darkest tone. There are some spots that I wanted darker but not as dark as the darkest tone. I used the midtone immediately to push the darkest color out. I kept going back and forth with the three markers until I was happy with the result. 

Floral illustration - image 5 - student project

Celine Vd Moesdijk

artist, creator