Floral calendar for October and November | Skillshare Projects

Teri Martin

Digital Illustrator



Floral calendar for October and November

 I gather my color palette inspiration from these two pictures. 



I prefer to have my flowers look more realistic and vintage design. So I decided to draw my flowers using the blog brush. I am pretty happy with the selection of flowers I developed. I refered to pictures I took from this past summer wandering around a community garden and some from browsing my great great grandmother's card book from the 1800's.  Below, are the motifs I used but I forgot to take a screenshot of them all together colored in my color palette so some of them are the wrong color. 


For October, I created a pattern out of the motifs for the background. 


November, I just made bouquets of flowers from my motifs


This was a fun class. I hope to make a 2016 calendar soon. 


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