Floral Wreath - First Watercolor Artwork

Floral Wreath - First Watercolor Artwork - student project

Floral Wreath - First Watercolor Artwork - image 1 - student project

Thank you so much for the video and tutorial.  This is actually the first official watercolor artwork I have done, and I am pretty excited about how it turned out.  I originally started out with an interest in calligraphy, but figured I could accent my calligraphy more with some beautiful watercolor designs and pictures.  I think in this case, my calligraphy accented the watercolor (rather than the other way around haha).  But I look forward to more progress!!


Some things I learned during this project:

  1. Practice drawing an object on a scratch piece of paper first - The first few flowers (at the 6 to 9 'o clock positions) I just jumped right into.  If I had practiced some before, I would have figured out how to do the flowers a little bit better and could put those on the final art piece 
  2. Flowers literally have no cookie cutter shape, so attempting to make precise strokes each time doesn't really follow nature's way of doing things
  3. Don't be afraid to blend new colors all the time - I was a little timid to change the colors of my flowers at first between strokes, but I thin that helped over time
  4. Toilet paper does not substitute for "absorbent paper towel" ;) 

Again, thanks a ton for the tutorial! It was very easy to follow along with.  I hope to attempt the floral wreath several times more because of how great a surrounding it makes for a cute message or phrase!


- Kendra, PGH