Floral Ornament (First of many!)

Floral Ornament (First of many!) - student project

I have had these ceramic ornaments sitting under my desk for about a month now, so I was really happy to see Dylan published this class! After a busy day occupied by client work, it was so nice to sit down and have some fun with this. Totally relaxing and so satisfying to have a hand-made piece to add to the tree.

I based my design off another painting I did inspired by Liz Trapp's Painting Gouache Florals class on Skillshare (I've included that image below for you to see). 

It's a little easier to paint with a flat ornament, but I'm going to try my hand at a round one next!Floral Ornament (First of many!) - image 1 - student projectFloral Ornament (First of many!) - image 2 - student project

The original painting:

Floral Ornament (First of many!) - image 3 - student project

Laura Lantieri