Floral & Food sketchbook pages

Floral & Food sketchbook pages - student project

Floral & Food sketchbook pages - image 1 - student project


I had already done two sketches previously like this with masking fluid so I had a fair idea in theory how I could turn out. However as there were much larger expands of negative space for the bigger florals it was a bit tricker when adding the black line detail. I didn't want every flower to look the same. Overall there some great areas I can pull from for creating a pattern.


Floral & Food sketchbook pages - image 2 - student project


This was quite awkward for me as I have challenges with straight lines and I wanted all four objects to fit within the sketch layout. I was most pleased that I did not overwork the olive oil as I have a tendency to do this when I'm nervous and unsure. this page was a great exercise for me as I want to improve my packaging illustration skills.

Ohn Mar Win
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