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Floral Doll

Experimenting and working with collage to create a repeat pattern.

Here is my initial piece ready to scan, because of the nature of my work, I went onto flip in photoshop and fill in the central part of the image.

Next Step - flipped my piece, edited and filled in the central space by copying and pasting elements from my original artwork, now working on checking the edges...

Here is my seamless pattern in repeat...I am happy with how to complete the techniques and am looking forward to experimenting more...this is very busy, so I think I will go back and simplify/develop this piece

Now I have the basic idea of this...I put it into practice with some elements from some of my current paintings/illustrations from my website http://www.lottiefrank.co.uk

So I started over....

STEP ONE - pen and Ink piece

STEP TWO - Flipping and adding more ink work

STEP THREE - Checking my edges

STEP Four - Checking my repeat, final design at 50% repeat pattern

Now onto some colourways and I will be back with those..... :) x


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