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Kathleen Moloney




Floral Design: A Beginners Guide to Flower Arranging

Flowers and plants can create all the difference to a work space or living environment. In this class we'll be working on the several stages necessary to create the perfect flower arrangement for your coffee table, mantelpiece, or a centrepiece for an event. It's a great skill to have to create that extra touch to any event, be it a tea party, birthday celebration, baby shower, or anything bridal.

By the end of the class you will produce your very own flower arrangement and know how to take care of it. No experience necessary, just a desire to create something visually inspiring and refreshing from the beauty of nature!


In order to create the perfect flower arrangement we will follow these steps:

-Choosing 2 or 3 different flowers based on season or colour theme
-Choosing 1 or 2 types of foliage to complement the flower choices
-Conditioning the flowers for maintaining a long lasting arrangement
-Preparing the flowers and foliage for arranging
-Composition and arrangement

Why not share your progress in pictures as you go, or capture the flowers before and after the arrangement to see the difference.

The final task will be to position your flower arrangement within the desired place of your home and share your creation for us to see!

Class Outline:



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