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Floral Curiosities

Moodboard + Thoughts

I aim to creative my own curious floral creations. They may not necessarily be real species, but will be visions from my mind. Keep a look out for an odd insect or two as well. 

My style is geometric linework, but I aim to try to add some organic vibe to my normal tendency. At this point I am thinking a dominantly monochromatic color palette. 

Looking forward to seeing where it goes!


Sketches + Plans

I found this process relaxing and difficult at the same time. Difficult to picture what parts of a flower were going to be one hue and which were going to be another. This is something that I plan to figure out later when I bring it into Illustrator and start tracing.

I will just call these my blueprints for now. I want to use the large flowers and beetles dominantly and use the extras in between. 

I found a continued theme as I continued to draw and started to incorporate it in all my objects a little bit for cohesion. The dotted "antennae" are the ongoing motif in my pattern. 



Final Design

I ran into a few bumps with lining things up correctly, but overall I really liked the color process. Changing the petals and dots for each one so they balanced was really relaxing. 




Which color scheme do you like best? :)


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