Floral Collage

Floral Collage - student project

Another wonderful class, thank you, Claire!

I have created my first bouquet today. Collage is my challenge for this year's 100 day project. I am not entirely new to collage, but I really want to focus on color and texture this year.

This collage was created using color paper samples from Flow Book for Paper Lovers and handmade Japanese paper.

I picked green turqoise, lemon yellow, ecru and pink cinnamon colors for my design (color combo is taken from A Dictionary of Color Combinations book) and a cream paper for the background.

Started with darkest leaves, then added largest flowers, continued by combining yellow flowers and turqoise leaves. Details added with liner and posca pen as suggested by Claire.

 So far I am very happy with how this design has turned out. Limited palette is challenging but also beautiful and really makes me think about my work.

Love how intuitive collaging is, just by moving pieces of paper around, I was able to trust my color choices a little bit more.


Floral Collage - image 1 - student project