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Floral 60th Anniversary Card

  • I wanted to create an Anniversary card for my grandparents which had a floral theme. Using the template provided by Caroline as a starting point, I roughly sketched the size and placement of my floral elements.
  • This was when I made my major design decisions and also when I decided to have two differently shaped frames


  • Next, to get a better sense of negative spaces to be cut out, I detailed out my flowers and used a black marker to fill in cut outs v/s outlining simple cuts.
  • This for me was the most challenging and most time consuming process. It also altered the design quite a bit and helped me get a better sense of what the final product would look like.


  • Since my card was more intricate, I decided that using a photocopy to cut wouldn't be too comfortable. I ended up using mylar paper and sketched the design onto the mylar to be cut directly. (Unfortunately, in the final product you can see tons of pencil marks)
  • The plus point of tracing was that I could refine my design a bit more to my liking (I wasn't too happy with the flowers on the top of the page)
  • I also cut a bit too close to the edges (left side) and ended up with a flimsy cover.
  • I added a piece of textured gray construction paper to finish the message.


  • And heres the final product....My grandparents loved the card :)
  • I would say, the only con to using mylar paper is that when you glue it, you can see how its glued together due to the transparency.
  • Please feel free to leave your comments/suggestions :) Thank you!


***UPDATE: Made another Anniversary card for my parents :)

This time, I used a watercolor texture I made from a different skillshare class as the background with a few gold ink accents.



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