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Flollage - Food, Flowers, Collage


Well, first thing first, I envy that fresh farmers market that Julie has at her place

Actually in my place I could find lots of great various tropical fruits and veggies. But I was living inside the college area, so the closest and easiest things I can get for my collages are flowers and leaves.I simply took it when I get back from classes. 

*Pardon my lazziness to go out of the college area and put more effort on picking the materials 

I tried to get started by putting some of my flowers, bougenville, frangipani or plumeria, and yellow daisy because I wanted them to be the one which brings colors to my piece. Then I added some leaves there, I chose those leaves that I consider as something softer and lighter weight but still could balance the colors of the flower. For the picture, I've already set the brightness and contrast to be like this. It looked a bit darker and not so contrast before because I took it with that not-so-good-gloomy light. 


After taking this picture, I still have some (or maybe let's call it as many) other leaves. So I decided to put some more on my piece. I wanted some round, little, and cute leaves. And, anyway, the more the merrier right? 


After several over-thinking and over-analyzing which resulted in different contrast and direction setting, my compulsive minds decided that this piece is my final collages. 


Hope y'all like it!


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