Floki - Maine Coon

Floki - Maine Coon - student project

I take lots of pictures of our Maine Coon, Floki. I watched the tutorial to get some general tips on working with cats because I wouldn't mind taking photos of other people's cats too. Not sure if I'm ready for all that cat wrangling!

My cover image was shot through a screen. I was outside and Floki was indoors on the window sill. At first I tried to mask the screen in post processing but I found that enhancing it added nice texture and effect. You can't see his ear tips because of the dark background but I think he looks a bit regal :)

Floki is an indoor cat and spends lots of time in or near the windows which makes for great natural light depending on the time of day. I really liked the line of his body in this one. I had only a second to snap it before he moved and the angle was lost.

Floki - Maine Coon - image 1 - student project


Natural window light. He's watching a Flycatcher (bird) that is nesting in the rafter of our covered porch off the patio. Converted to B/W.

Floki - Maine Coon - image 2 - student project

Thank you for the informative tutorial. You've given me lots of ideas for Floki's upcoming 1-year old birthday photo shoot and some day I may see about taking pictures of some friend's cats to find out if I can manage working with a variety of personalities and environments.